How building authority boosts B2B marketing


When building your B2B marketing strategy via LinkedIn, newsletters, email campaigns and networking events, remember one vital aspect. Building authority, although a slow and fastidious process, will enhance the rate of success of all the above.

Generating leads and turning them into customers remains a top goal. In order for leads to use your services and products, they need to trust you and your offer. Also, once already on board, customers need a reason to stay. Authority in your industry supports that trust which builds a lasting business relation.

It helps you select the right clients

To dive a little deeper into why you need to build authority, let us analyse two types of situations. We will consider the difference between taking on any client who requests your assistance, and choosing the right ones for your B2B company.


Many have experienced both situations. Start-ups might fall under the pressure of taking all customers on board and striving to achieve any type of requirements. While a constant work flow coming in matters, some customers prove more trouble than you can afford. The following examples portray this type of a situation detrimental to business.

A small local company providing landscaping for gardens depends on clarity in the brief for the project. As part of their services, they offer consultancy. But once they start working on the garden, the last thing they need is for the customer to keep changing their mind. They might end up with a long delay on completion due to this. How many other customers have they had to let down or turn away during that time?

Taking an example from our own side of creative industries, graphic designers often encounter such situations. When they offer the agreed number of logo designs, by the brief and initial agreement, the customer asking for 10 extra designs in the final meeting is most likely to create difficulties.  

Authority in your industry will strengthen your inbound marketing. Rather than having to chase and accept every lead, aim to position your business in a place where you will choose your customers.

Rely on authority-building content and strategies

In this digital age, when communication strategies and brand awareness matter more than ever, businesses build authority through a variety of methods and channels. Agencies, companies and even freelance professionals gain worldwide authority through running goal-orientated, research-based digital strategies.

Also, remember digital strategy steps interconnect like pieces to the final puzzle of achieving your business goals. You publish engaging content on LinkedIn and YouTube, gaining reactions and shares. You raise and keep interest through email campaigns and a good click through rate. People respond to your calls to action. While doing all of these, you also work to strengthen your authority as specialists in your industry.

We hopefully clarified, by this point, how building authority boosts marketing campaigns. Of course, we only covered the essential. If we set off to detail each aspect, we would develop an entire course about what strategies to apply. We might plan for this in the future, but for now we recommend looking at and analysing what top professionals do well in this direction.

The team at The Futur maximise their results by focusing their efforts on a variety of platforms. They offer video content on relevant topics via YouTube, publishing interviews with business owners and top names in marketing, and advice on topics such as generating leads and project management.

With top quality video content, sharing valuable ideas and experience, The Futur guys rely on authority building to make their case.

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