Choose the right influencer for your brand


How do you find and approach the right influencer to boost your brand’s image online? By now, probably everybody on social media knows about those people with thousands, even millions of followers. But specialists argue against valuing influencers exclusively for how many subscribers they boast.

Already last year, a contributor to The Forbes, with a background in performing and cultural arts entertainment business, made the case for micro influencers. He explained how to assess the benefits brands will reap from creating partnerships with these people. Just like other specialists in digital communication strategies, he highlighted why the number of followers, after a certain point, loses relevance.

How to factor in the influencer advantage

As digital strategists ourselves, we weigh the advantages of collaborating with an influencer by:

  • how much engagement they attract regularly with their content
  • what their content and online presence are built around
  • what other brands they are collaborating with
  • where they are geographically based

The last factor in the list potentially sounds intriguing. Why would it matter where an influencer lives and posts from?

For everything digital, with global reach, it surely won’t make a difference if the influencer promoting your brand uploads content from Alaska. But if your company relies on building local leadership and engaging a more local audience, you need the advantage of involving these influencers in your in-person campaigns. Imagine you organise a workshop, conference or networking event with the influencer as a guest speaker.


Similarly, what the influencer focuses their activity on dictates if and how working with them will be advantageous. Somebody gaining a wide audience by pranking videos might not fit the image of a training provider. A fashion and makeup influencer might find it challenging to present DIY solutions in their vlogs.

Case studies support what data shows

Professional experience also stands proof for the better chances of successful partnerships with micro influencers. They tend to be more approachable, more relatable, and gather a community around them which regularly engages with their content. Celebrity influencers also find themselves highly pursued by a number of companies. Thus, establishing collaboration with somebody from this category presents many more challenges, higher costs, and less reliable results.

We always treasure the experience of other professionals in our field. Case studies fuel knowledge, and shared knowledge enriches us all. It also ensures high standards in the industry. We would like to share at this point a very relevant case study. In this example, which we found on Social Media Today, micro influencers saved the day. They ensured the necessary 200 registrations for a big event were not only met, but exceeded as well, whereas the whole campaign had been stalled for weeks before getting them on the books.

Why the right influencers wants to work with you

So far, we discussed on various occasions about how influencer marketing will impact your strategies. But we haven’t discussed much about another important aspect. As any partnership, this needs to be beneficial to both sides. So remember to put yourself in their shoes and ask what they gain from collaborating with your brand. You need to be the right brand too for the right influencer. 

If their focus on social media aligns with what your business provides, chances increase for both sides to be interested in a partnership. Working regularly with a photo studio or a photo equipment provider will benefit a photographer. A fitness instructor might be interested in recommending good quality active wear. Or a mum vlogger might find it appealing to talk about certain educative games she would encourage her children to play.


Micro influencers strengthen their authority and image with their audience when they give useful advice and recommendations. Also, they enjoy using certain products themselves. You could also agree on payment for campaigns – a stable income will support their creative efforts.

Another aspect to remember relates to authenticity. You must be honest about what influencers get out of working with you, as they should also be. It takes one undisclosed benefit to lose trust and ruin the whole campaign and brand image with it.

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