Doing content marketing the right way… or not yet?


Content marketing research and data provide great insight into how we use this important tool. Also, they challenge us to think if we are doing it right. A recent report from Content Marketing Institute highlights a few good points on the matter.

As highlighted in their analysis, about half of the agencies included in the survey consider they reached a mature level in using content marketing. But another aspect also provokes thought – 64% vouch for their content marketing strategy being more successful than in the previous year.

Looking at the rest of the top statistic data from the report, a few other aspects stand out. 94% of the agencies surveyed said they focus on creativity and skill in content creation.


Research data supports what we practice

To us, this doesn’t come as a surprise. In our previous blog post we discussed how today’s consumers distrust in paid adverts changed the game. When businesses put effort into attracting and keeping their customers, they need to go that extra mile. Pushing products and services, bombarding people with ads just doesn’t work any longer. And content provides you with a reliable, trust building way to offer customers something extra, something they want, and they will value.

Hence, the following top statistics in the research again relate to our knowledge and experience. Agencies reported as top areas of success for content marketing:
– creating brand awareness ( 83%);
– build credibility/trust (75%);
– educate audiences (73%).

All of these overlap. As for educating audiences, this shouldn’t be taken or practised as arrogance. Merely, to us it refers to how to content, encouraging research, and giving customers the information they need to make an informed choice.


Would you risk your clients going elsewhere because they don’t understand how your products work?
Would you want them to skip your services because they cannot see how they will help them?
We think we can guess the answer to these two questions.

Document and plan – keys to successful content strategies

Talking about successful content marketing strategies, another aspect weighs heavily: the importance of documenting and planning. Don’t think only of the bigger map and larger projects and tasks. Any business or agency with clear goals for their digital strategies will employ planning at different stages and levels.

The reason looks as clear to us as daylight. Any successful person or business does more than just dive into it and throw all they have in the mixture. And data in the research mentioned also backs the same way of thinking. It shows 42% of the participants both plan and document their strategies. These also proved to be the most successful ones.

In this respect, LinkedIn published a good piece about content versus context. The author debates how it isn’t only about aiming to produce the best quality content. Researching and testing when to release it plays a crucial role in the outcome.

Sci-fi lovers will know how  Frank Herbert’s published Dune. Nowadays considered a masterpiece of the genre, it took the author 6 years to research and write it. However, 23 publishers rejected it before finally one saw the quality in it.

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