Why and how to do influencer marketing


Growing fast in  terms of popularity, investment and levels of engagement, influencer marketing today stands out as fascinating and challenging at the same time. With more brands and agencies collaborating with influencers, many might wonder how to find these people and work with them.

Not a week goes by without another piece of news about this influencer phenomenon. Opinions around these online VIPs vary from enthusiastic to sceptical, from negatively critical to embracing it. It makes absolute sense, as with any emerging new approach or type of content.

Opinion aside, digital platforms and agencies gain more experience in engaging with influencers for their marketing campaigns. Based on this experience, they also collect valuable data and insight into benefits to the industry. Also, most research and survey based data is available for free. Businesses, brands and companies can access it, analyse it and plan new strategies accordingly.

Turn the numbers behind influencers into growth strategies


Certain numbers around the influencer phenomenon look astounding. According to a recent  report by Influencer Marketing Hub, Google searches for influencer marketing grew by 1500% in 3 years. How often do we hear of something of this proportion online searching trends?
Instagram also boasts tremendous growth. Today, it attracts 10 times more users than it did 5 years ago. Not surprisingly, it is also considered the primary social media platform for influencers.

We could carry on with these numbers, but we will let you check them for yourselves on the above linked website. As digital content specialists, we know how a shower of numbers might overwhelm the reader. Turning these into data driven strategy follows as the next necessary step. To use a bit of humour, influencer marketing today appears to be a little bit of a digital hunt for the Wild West gold. Sure, the ore is real, is there, but knowing how to discover and extract it in a profitable way will make all the difference.

How to find the right influencer versus chasing the unicorn

Now that we have already seen what magic numbers influencer marketing generates, more questions might be born.
Who are these influencers?
Where and how do you find them?
How do you lure them in and capture their interest?


While writing this, the medieval tapestry image of the captured unicorn pops into my mind. It is one of my favorite pieces of art, hence the idea of hunting for magic creatures always reminds me of it. At the same time, I know influencers are not unicorns. I subscribe to their channels, their Facebook or Instagram pages myself, some of them with a huge international pool of followers, others specialised in a smaller niche. Photographers, travel vloggers, marketing gurus, graphic designers with a successful strategy pack in their pocket – take your pick!

Use your internet search skills. Guaranteed, you will find influencers all over the place. You need to know what you are looking for and what collaboration will benefit your business. Rather than hunting around for the people with the biggest number of followers on Instagram, focus more on how their online presence connects with the core of your business. Think of how they will help you achieve your business goals, but also what would attract them towards your brand.

We talked here about reaching out to the right people online to promote or review your brand. And we will approach this matter again. As the influencer phenomenon grows, new exciting times lie ahead.



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