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Besides online video, businesses can use another top method for successful social media promotions. Big and small, established and emerging, today brands partner up with influencers to reach their audience. To understand why it works, we look at what makes influencers successful in the first place.

Last year only, according to available data, Google searches around the term “influencer marketing” grew by over 300%. Not only that, by business earned on average seven times the money invested in influencer campaigns.

Who they are and why they are successful

Such a partnership with an influencer works because of what they actually mean in the digital world. Just normal, regular people, they follow their personal passion in a creative, innovative and social media savvy way. That’s what makes them so relatable – other people will like and engage with their content because they share similar passions and interests. Besides, influencers come across as real people, and not some celebrities locked in their industry-based golden cages of fame.

For these clear reasons, they gather real communities around them. And authenticity, relatability, and creating a sense of community power up an influencer’s success.

Currently, they achieve the highest number of followers (link) and engagement on Instagram (link to our own content). But they grow on Facebook and YouTube too. Many will publish vlogs on the later, but keep more regular post on Instagram.

The travel vloggers who conquered the internet

Travel photography and vlogs turned Australian Sorelle Amore into an internet sensation. Mainstream media published interviews and features with her, and now she has over 355k followers on Instagram. On YouTube half a million people follow her. Yet, she stays the same creative, passionate, but simple and approachable woman who travels the world and tells others about it.

Facebook-grown travel influencer Nas impresses with a staggering number of followers: over 9.5 million. He posts his daily, high quality travel videos exclusively on Facebook. They catch the audience with their dynamic, enthusiastic tone. But there’s another reason behind Nas Daily’s success. He presents people from different cultures in a very positive, engaging way. And he always talks about positive values which bring people together.

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Big cosmetic producers approach makeup vloggers for partnerships.

Now you might not manage to engage an influencer of this scale with your business. However, you can find such people anywhere in the world, from the girl who takes beautiful pictures of London to the makeup vlogger. You just need to research and find them in your area.

The fundamentals of working with an influencer

Of course, nobody would expect they just choose an influencer – any, they pass them their products or services, and the magic happens. Clearly, it isn’t magic, despite the aura these people gain on social media. When you consider partnering up, keep the following  things in mind.

Approach the influencer in due time.
If they are really successful and sought after, they receive many similar proposals. This also increases their fees. And remember it’s a partnership, meaning you build it in time, after knowing, understanding and trusting each other.

Choose the right influencer
The nature of your business and the target audience will decide whom to approach. If you sell running shoes, you want to work with an active lifestyle influencer. They will try your products, post photography, video and maybe written content. But you might avoid approaching somebody who runs a baking blog and Instagram page.

Go for engagement
Now, influencers might have thousands of followers who like their content regularly. How many of these though, most importantly, share their content? It takes only a click to like a post. It takes more effort to comment and share, which is what you are after. You want their followers to share the content they produce with your products or services.

ALWAYS be honest about the partnership
In the early days, some brands and businesses paid influencers to promote their products without disclosing this. Now, followers appreciate honesty and openness. Remember, it’s all about authenticity.
They will trust your brand and the person promoting it better if they know what you gave in return for the promotion. It could be just as little as a meal in your restaurant, or an complete outfit if that is what your business provides. Or it could be a fee. Offer this exact information and people will trust you more.

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