The advantages of using online video for business

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We recently looked at how businesses and brands already invest in online video. And investment will keep growing, as all data indicates. Let us discuss into more depth how using video on your business website and social media will benefit you.

We have already seen in our recent blog post how much video internet users watch. Data from platforms such as YouTube and Facebook confirm consumers’ preferences for such content. Now we will analyse into more depth what video can do for business. From website to social media use, it provides a number of benefits to be considered.

  • Video makes you and your business memorable. If users remember you, they are more likely to come back and want to know more. It might start with them watching a 1 min video presenting your company’s ethos or a new offer. If they liked what they saw, you already gained their interest.

  • It builds trust.
    Think about it: you can show the story of your company, who you are, and how you work. An image has more power and feels more compelling than just telling them so. Also, people tend to trust a human face more, because they can relate to it.

  • Video gives value. Through use of how to videos, you will help your customers and they will appreciate it. You can show them how to use your products or even what to do for best results.
    Such a piece of content generates direct and indirect sale. And with internet users increasingly searching for such videos, YouTube plans to invest in the creation of how to content.

  • Generates great ROI. According to statistics, 74% users bought a product after watching a video about how it works.
    All data available indicates the money invested in producing high quality video brings good profit. However, the content needs to be created and used professionally.

Choose the right platform for your business

What types of video will work for your business depends on a number of factors.
To start with, it depends on the nature of the business, what types of services and products it provides. But also the characteristics of different social media platforms matter, and what people tend to use these for primarily.

Facebook users want to be entertained and moved

Facebook user

Studies show that internet user expect to be mainly entertained on Facebook. Hence, cat videos and cooking videos have proven the most successful on this platform. Also, Facebook users engage with touching, emotional content. Human interest stories catch their attention. As a business, you might want to present the employer of the month, or a customer’s testimonial.

At the same time, data reveals a trend in keeping updated with news via Facebook. Even the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal proves what mainstream media outlets and also organisations pinpoint. News and facts, be them real or fake, published via Facebook influenced the course of elections.

Use news related snippets to send readers to more in-depth content published on your website. 

Tip: Facebook stats show a high percentage of videos are watched without sound. Adding subtitles will ensure the information gets across.

YouTube thrives on how to videos

YouTube business

As we already mentioned, increasingly more people search for demos and how to videos on YouTube. Also, they watch videos related to their own passions. Knowing how your business helps people achieve their goals and passions plays a major part.

Tip: Remember that this is the second largest search engine after google. So content needs to be optimised by use of description, tags, title, hashtags.

Twitter, the fastest paced platform for news

Twitter news

On Twitter, videos are 6 times more likely to be shared than photo posts. This platform works for news, but also for content strongly related to what your business does.

Tip: Most watched videos feature people in the first 3 seconds. Remember Twitter is probably the fastest paces platform out there.

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