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No question, today most businesses and companies keep an active website. With consumers spending so much time surfing the web, they need an online presence to attract them. And running an active blog on the business website plays a major role into it.

Why is a business blog so important?

When a company offers services, the utility of such a section becomes obvious. Regular pages, such as about, and contact, and services, will rarely change. This puts visitors off, once they have already seen all of these. One page will however keep their interest: a blog section with content updated regularly.

customer service

On the other hand, if the business sells products, their e-commerce page will change regularly. But even for them, running a news or blog section will raise brand awareness and fuel interest through building a community.

No matter the type of business or company, creating and publishing blog content will work together with social media posts to constantly direct customers, old and new, to the website.

Inform, entertain, share ideas

Once you see the benefits of keeping a blog on your business website, you will start thinking of a strategy. Depending, like we said before, on the nature of your company, certain types of posts ensure better results than others.

Mainly, a blog post aims to one of the following:

  • Inform and keep customers updated (the news type, but also sales, promotions and campaigns).
  • Entertain and show a human side (team members stories, behind the scenes, even customers stories and case studies).
  • Share values and ideas (how your team works, how your business is ethical or ecological).

All the above will either offer value to your customers, or build trust.

Types of blog posts for your business

The news type

Most businesses can share news in the industry as a way to give extra and keep customers coming back. At the same time, continuously learning, being up to date, upskilling and improving solidifies business authority.

For any business based on services and advice news blog posts have great potential. An accountants or a solicitors practice will aim to inform people who might then decide to become their customers. But it can also help existing clients clarify new information before deciding they need extra help.

It’s not only industry news. Your own business might organise events or move to a new centre, participate in a trade fair. Use all these opportunities to update your website with new content.


The informative type

Sometimes though people might struggle to understand specific notions or historical facts linked to the industry. Again, although no news, a post explaining how products work, or the legal background, will also attract attention.


How to content

One of the most successful types of content overall, how to posts might demonstrate installing a new feature, or using the product. From simple DIY to new software, or choosing running shoes – make your customers’ lives easier.

And you can even entertain them at the same time. It doesn’t have to be only serious issues you give a solution to. If you are a local cafe, publish a video with tips on cake decorating. Do you think they will quit visiting if they can make their own cakes look better?

cake decorating tips

Mistakes to avoid

Explaining readers how to avoid typical industry mistakes can earn you their gratitude. Social Media Today gives simple advice on what not to do on your social platforms business pages. Such content proves very useful when a small business runs their own Facebook and Twitter pages.

However, content with a negative focus should not be overused. Remember also not to inflate the matter. You want to help customers and readers, not to scare them away.


Customers’ or partners’ stories

Remember how partnering up with an influencer can promote your business?
Telling the story of how you met them and started working together can hugely increase traffic on all channels. But don’t forget your customers and their stories of how they found you. Even more powerful than a testimonial or a review, these will infuse your business with human colour and feeling.

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